GPS tracking is actually an useful expense – Myth or Reality?

GPS Tracking For Grow your Businesses

Profit maximization and cost reduction is the top most priority for any business or fleet owner. And, a fleet owner is well aware about how the overhead expenses hamper the profit maximization. However, considering GPS tracking as an expense is nothing but a contribution to problem mentioned above. Having this mindset ruthlessly discard the fact that GPS tracking is NOT an expense at all. In fact, there’s nothing wrong to perceive GPS tracking as an investment. Because eventually, GPS tracking

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It’s New! It’s Happy! It’s Affordable IoT: 2020

It's New! It's Happy! It's Affordable IoT: 2020

Whoa!! 2020 is here. Another fresh year to set goals and overrated & never followed resolutions. People would search online, trying to find what’s the new trends in this new year which would make 2020 happy. We cannot jot down all that’s would be new in the year 2020. However, we can tell you what to expect from the field of IoT which would make this year a happy new year indeed. So listen up, It’s New, It’s Happy, It’s Affordable

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Are your GPS devices going to fail on 6th of April?

Error in GPS in Car Navigation

Over the last few days, there has been a slew of articles on the internet about the possible false of GPS devices across the world due to a changeover of how the GPS time is reported by the app satellites. Question is how true is it and how worried you Should be? Quite a lot of people might remember the Y 2K problem which had Caused wide Spread panic worldwide when the date was Supposed to change from 1999 to

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A Virtual guide for choosing the best GPS tracker

At times, you might have wondered what features you should look for in a GPS tracking system before purchasing it. This decision is based on various capabilities that vary accordingly with your purpose of tracking. Let’s brief the characteristic features here: GPS Features Designed for expected use: The tracking device should be designed for the specific use you are planning to. The platform on which the tracker works should allow you to gather actionable data at a glance. High ROI: If you

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What Value Can GPS Add To Manage Our Complex Lives?

vehicle tracking system

Let’s talk about some of the real-life applications of the GPS system. Actually, it is already available on many portable devices that we use daily. This includes various models of cellphones, watches, handhelds, laptops and car trackers. The users of this system include general users, logistic operators, schools, colleges, ambulances etc to name a few. One important aspect to know here is “GPS needs to see the sky to receive the signals transmitted by the satellite”. Some general applications include

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