4 Reasons why Portable GPS Tracker is absolutely Important for Solo Travelers

There are several opinions readily available to convince you why you should not opt for solo traveling. And, to be honest, some risks and facts cannot go unnoticed. You cannot shut your eyes off and expect these issues to dissipate. Does this mean you should never choose to travel solo? Obviously not. You don’t have to bury your dream of solo traveling just because you’ve been hearing about its risk factors. But using a Portable GPS Tracker can be a very safe alternative for Backpackers & Solo Travellers.

Image describing how a portable tracker is important for Travellers, specially Solo Travellers.

Although ignoring all the risks associated with solo traveling is not a smart decision either. The key is to understand all the risks and be prepared well in advance if you come across any of them. Some of the risks associated with solo traveling are you losing your route or your travel bag is missing.

The Risks for Solo Travellers

That said, identifying the risks alone is not enough. It is also important to identify which tools you need to carry while traveling solo. One of the essential tools you need to carry is a portable GPS tracker. A portable GPS tracker is super reliable when you are far away from your safety net. Portable GPS tracker comes with standard features that will enhance your entire experience of solo travellers. Not only will you always be on track, but also it will be a protective shield for you and your essentials that you carry while traveling.

Before we jump into why a portable GPS tracker is a paramount tool for solo travelers; let’s understand the risks that come along with solo traveling (especially for female solo travelers).

Backpackers getting Lost

Visiting new places, exploring new routes, all of this sounds fun and exciting when you’re traveling. Especially when you are the only one who gets to decide your desired destination. However, this excitement can turn into a trap when you’re traveling to a particular location for the first time and you lose your route. It becomes frustrating when you don’t know where you are and how to move forward.

Theft of Luggage and important assets

In solo traveling, you don’t have the option to leave your essentials in the hands of a person next to you. No one is responsible to safeguard you and your assets except you. A minor negligence can cost you to lose all your essentials. What would you do if you lost your travel bag which had all your cards, cash etc. The risk of theft is high when you’re the only one who has to deal with each and everything.

Risks involved with stalkers and strangers for solo travellers

A solo traveler is an easy target for stalkers and strangers especially when you are a female. People don’t tend to stalk you and tease you when you are in a group. They’re aware about how their intentions can backfire if they target someone who is a part of a particular group. However, in solo traveling, things become easy for stalkers and strangers because they know that a solo traveler has no support around.

Now that you know what are the inevitable risks associated with solo traveling; let’s see what makes a SenseNxt portable GPS tracker worth having while you choose to travel solo.

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Features that makes a good Portable GPS Tracker helpful:

Standard GPS Tracking features

Features like Live Tracking, Playback of Movement, Various reports etc are very useful in helping you or your loved ones keep in touch with your location without disturbing the peace of your travel. Parents can rest assured that you are in the right location, staying at the right places. Playback gives the routes taken and the areas travelled through. This combined with Various reports not only makes it super easy to keep track of your location but also makes it efficient while reminiscing about your trips.

Calling 2 predefined numbers

You have the choice to set two contact numbers in advance for emergencies. You’ll receive a call from your GPS tracker on these 2 predefined numbers. This is such a useful feature in case of any emergency like theft.

How the SOS Button in a Portable GPS Tracker help Solo Travellers?

The SOS button sends an sms to 3 pre-set family numbers. It also keeps calling in rotation to these predefined numbers until it is answered. When the call is answered via any of these numbers, the receiver can hear what is happening on the device end. However, the speaker remains muted. A GPS tracker does not emit any sound in an ongoing call.

Two way communication

In any unwanted event, your near and dear ones will always want to learn about such circumstances. Those predefined numbers can help you to do that. You can call the GPS number through the predefined numbers which enables two-way communication.

Monitor call option

Predefined numbers can also make monitor calls to learn what’s happening on the other side. That means you can make a one way listening call without enabling the sound from the other end. A Portable GPS Tracker is thus helpful for Backpackers in keeping their family and friends aware of their present scenario.

How can a portable GPS Tracker help Solo Travelers?

1. You may be lost while travelling. But a GPS tracker will never leave you even when you’re in unknown areas and your loved one’s can always locate you if needed with it’s help.

2. Chances to recover your essentials are super high in case of any theft. A GPS tracker gives you the power to monitor where your stolen asset is. Authorities may fail to help you when you don’t have any idea of where your asset is. However, when you have a GPS tracker, you do know the location where your essentials can be found.

3. A GPS tracker becomes your security tool when you travel solo. Your family and friends can track your location and learn about your real time movements. Predefined numbers can save you magically if you get trapped in any such unwanted situation.

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